Friday 29 July 2011

Red dots, stripes and yellow bit's with added flowers.

This morning has been surprisingly nice.
Helping friends with their wedding planning business.
Covering chairs and realising I've been doing bows wrong all my life!

Coffee and chat.
Then to the launderette.
A broken machine resulting in meeting the owner and getting a refund.
And meeting 4 barge enthusiasts on a 3 and a half month trip!
Lunch and a cup of tea.
Leads me here.

The lovely Sunny Gu tweeted about me.
Which led to a few lovely followers who do fabulous work.
Thanks you. x x
The illustration below can be found at my Etsy shop! : )

Still find joy in this and this and this and this.


  1. Just lovely!<3 Just want to keep staring at those delightful colors and patterns, sometimes adorable puppy portraits!

    You're welcome Jo.:D
    I always find joy and smiles here~thanks for sharing your lovely work!

  2. Why thank you Anastasia!
    Lovely of you to say so x