Thursday, 19 May 2011

Making It Up

Been doing a bit of doodling and flower drawing.
Quite liking the results of not thinking too much.
I'm trying to learn how to relax!!
This has not been a natural predisposition, but I'm getting there.
It feels nice. x

This floral illustration can be found at my Etsy Shop : )


  1. Beautiful..I think they could make nice patterns too :-)

  2. Thanks Rebekah.
    i intend to do some more.
    Have a great week. x

  3. These are so lovely. Also, absolutely love the dogs with knitted hats on your other blog! The hat that covers the dogs ears - Aw! It looks like a babes bonnet! Mary x

  4. ooooooh i like it!!

    the green bits look like the wind has caught them....... and that's really cool!