Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense!

Utter nonsense, but nice to do.
Title inspired by the lovely Adam and Joe.
Great week so far, hope the same goes for everyone else.
Met a lady in the launderette last week, got chatting, chatted for ages.
Today met up for a coffee, and she is totally superb (and sane, always helps!)
Unexpected and extremely pleasant.
Her and her partner do this, good for them!


  1. This floral cat picture is so pretty! Nonsense nonsense nonsense..I woke up with 'Black squadron!Went to bed at a reasonable hour..' jingle going through my head today..! I love adam and joe..really, funniest part of my week! Glad your having a great week,i'm still ill! bah!