Saturday, 11 June 2011

Poodle Doodle!

What a week of partying, celebrating, catching up with friends, degree shows, eating, drinking, eating, drinking, drinking, meeting new folk and generally having a nice time.

Here's a majorly quick sketch I did earlier.


  1. love love love it! please make it into a pattern and then make fabric...Go know it would be so great :-)

  2. You charmer!
    I intend to do a few more later and put it on Pattern Rally. Have a lot of work to do today though, but promise I will!!
    x x x

  3. Love your dog sketches!<3 lovely lovely poooooodles!:)

  4. Just cheered myself up Jo browsing through your fab blog - realised that I missed your birthday - hope you had a really lovely day!!xx

  5. you would design amazing fabrics Jo! and I would love to use them, so I second that idea :)