Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday Florals.

Finding it massively difficult to get motivated and do what I should be doing.
Just enjoying listening to music, drawing what I like.
Ans scooting off places.
Summer of fun ahead, yes please.

Listen to Of Montreal, Four Tet and Ariel Pink.
All grand.


  1. haha, Jo! your day today sounds like mine yesterday...hooray summer(one of the most perfect times for procrastination)! once i finally did start on the "supposed to do project" it was already late, and then instead of sleep i obsessed about it all night. such is the life of an artist, eh? loving your bright felt tip colors! a good way to start my morning and get back to work! have a happy weekend :)

  2. Your drawings are so delightful, they make my eyes smile~!:)

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

  3. Love all of your new drawings..seriously gorgeous! I hope your well :-)