Monday, 23 July 2012

Monday Morning Sketch

I had a totally lovely weekend. You?
The sun's out here and it was very much needed.
So off to Weston Super Mare on Saturday with a stop on the way back in Wells.
Sunday was spent walking along canals and bumping in to friends resulting in tea out. Nice

Here's a morning sketch of ornaments for you!
(excuse the colour for being a bit dull, photoshop has died on my computer, not sure why!)

Have a fabulous day.

x x


  1. It looks so pretty, photoshopped or not :)
    Your weekend does sounds great!
    We had a lovely weekend as well, although we were all under the weather!
    But it was good in a way, slowing down and watching lots of movies, reading books and having slow strolls.

    Hope your week is in great start!!

    1. Thank you Galit!
      Hope you're all feeling better soon

      I only use photoshop to clear up marks on the images but it makes a difference :)

      Have a lovely week too x