Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Floral Fancy

Hello there,
Hope you're having a fabulous week so far.

Mines been good and knocking that glass of wine with dinner on the head for the past 11 days, I'm feeling pretty chipper! Next I might try giving up meat for a month.
Some changes ahead, nothing major, but curious to see how I feel.

As my lovely mother says, "your health is your wealth". I totally agree.



  1. Oh wow Jo that is such a joyous floral it! You must get to Klee, It's epic! You know a bit exhausting by the end but well woth the effort! Happy New Year, love the making changes thought...must take a leaf out of your book!
    Love Sarah -x-

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for the lovely words, and yes, I must try to visit the show.
      Making changes feels good, and has just kicked me out of a too well known routine.
      I'm still off the booze and feeling much sprightlier for it and last night cooked my first vegan meal, which was delicious.
      Have a fabulous week
      Jo x