Wednesday, 30 April 2014

1000 Dog Portraits - My Mutts Are In A Book!

I am so thrilled to be included in the fabulous 1000 Dog Portraits book by Robynne Raye.
Last year there was a call out to submit portraits of different breeds for possible inclusion in the book, and I found out a few months ago that I was included.

Today I received my copy through the post, and to my even greater delight I have 5 portraits in there.
There are so many fantastic pieces to look at, from a wide variety of talented artists. Who'd have thought canines could be drawn in so many different styles!

If you are a dog lover, or know some one that is crazy about canines then this book would make a great gift.

A big thanks to Robynne for all the hard work and for picking some of my work.
You can read more about Robynne and the book over at Dog Art Today too.

Below are the mutts of mine in the book, I'll post some of my favourites tomorrow x x x

Grump #1, Grump #2 and Pug In Pucci
Pooch In Pucci 

Pierson (a chihuahua amongst the pugs)
Peko ( bottom right)

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