Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Chihuahua is nearly done : )

Spent the week, in between teaching and commissions working on this little Madame.
She is for my Supermarket Sarah Wall, which I am photographing early next week.
Looking forward to it : )

So as well as this cheeky chihuahua I will have prints, original drawings, cards, embroideries and brooches!
A mini shop!

I'll keep you posted, but do pass by and see the other people showing their goods off ; )

Strangely like this!


  1. wow! the embroideries are so amazing!!!
    i admire your patience and craft!

    it just looks so NICE and JOYFUL!!!
    it's wonderful to see how you translate your drawings into other mediums, the embroidery is quite successful!

    keep going and create more amazingness Jo!

  2. I do a lot of embroidery! Just that the dogs and illustration sometimes take over : )
    Not a bad thing at all, but keep an eye out for more soon xx