Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday Morning/afternoon Sketch

I've had a lovely relaxing weekend.
Much needed, but now on to lots of commissions.

To get me in the swing for the week a sketch is required.
Kitsch ornaments are always a favourite.
I have plenty! So these shelf friends are here to wish you a fabulous week.

Watched Grayson Perry's 'In The Best Possible Taste' again at the weekend.
So inspiring.
As well as that I had the joy of seeing Jenny Saville's exhibition at Modern Art Oxford.
Was so impressed by the size of the brushmarks and scale.
Go see if you can.


  1. I love the fun colors in these. It sure does look like a happy shelf you have there. :)

    What medium do you sketch with?

  2. Hi Erica!
    Yes I have a lot of funny creatures adorning my shelves.
    The medium I use are graphics pens and fine liners!
    Sometimes with the odd bit of colllage thrown in : )
    x x

    1. Very cool! You have such a unique style. :)

      I love little random knickknacks too. So fun to have around.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the nice comment. : ) x

  4. my heart is so at peach while looking at your lovely art~<3

    1. You always say the nicest things Sunny : ) Have a fabulous week x x