Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A cat called Dice

Felines have been on the agenda the first half of the week.
This guy is called Dice, he belongs to a graphic designer from Los Angeles.
The other I cannot divulge just yet, but he's a good'en.

As well as this, my cards are now being stocked at The Old Fire Station shop in Oxford.
If you're near by pop in and take a look and say hi to the friendly staff that work there : )

Have a fabulous Wednesday.
x x x


  1. i just adore them jo!:)
    i like the pops of yellow in this drawing~!

    and what an exciting news!
    I hope so many more people get to see/have your lovely illustrations~!<3

    1. Dice is an attractive feline, which always helps when doing a portrait
      : )

      Thanks for your continuous words of niceness x x x