Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Loved And Once Loved - Objects Of Desire, Of Sorts

There's a massive draw towards vintage for me of late.
I've always been a collector/hoarder of tat. Well tat to some, glorious objects to me.

Years ago I did a series of drawings of ornaments/objects I owned, with lots of white space.
I have always been a fan of lots of white space.
Perhaps the portraits I'm doing of humans, has aided this return.
Today, completing this drawing, and two long tailed tits sitting less than two feet on my window sill have made me very happy.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, thank you. I loved doing it. Planning a set I think. x x
      Keep your eyes peeled x

  2. i want to hear the secrets they are sharing!

    very delightful and poetic image Jo! Keep up the beautiful work!;)

    1. There will be more to come Sunny! Thank you for the lovely comments x i'm so intrigued by objects and ornaments, I always like to think up scenarios for them.