Thursday, 14 May 2015

I'm Off To New York, And I'm Excited!

I'm off to New York, and I must say I'm very happy about it.
The last, and first time I was there was around 6-7 years ago, and I had a wonderful time.
I found the city to be vibrant, enthusiastic and with a ton of things to see.
I've never looked up so much!

I'm off there for several reason/excuses!
Firstly I'm going to Surtex, not to show, but to help out some lovely ladies on their stand, Cloverly is the collective, and they are all super talented.
Secondly, I'm going to walk the show, see what it's all about.
Thirdly, I'll be seeing and staying with my wonderful and dear friend Ben Copperwheat.
Fourthly, I'll be meeting up with lots of other lovely people that I know, that either live there or are going to be visiting because of the show too!
And finally, I'll be seeing the city, looking at art, enjoying the surroundings and being joined by the other half, Mr Steve, at the end. We've always said we wanted to see it together, so now seems like the best time.

Can't wait. I'll be posting photos. Promise!

See you soon x x x

I'll leave you with Piko in New York x

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