Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday Good Morning!

It's been a busy summer so far this way.
Lots of commissions, nice features and a few things I've gotta sit on for a while.
In the meantime though here's a few places that have thought it a good idea to show off some of my work : )

Firstly Morning Edit, ran by the lovely Angie and Katy, which in their own words is an "inspiring online ‘home’ for design-lovers, object-hoarders, print-admirers and for anyone who obsesses over even the tiniest of interior objects". Go take a look at all the fabulous things they've found!

And last week, a feature on Sketchbook Magazine, with my Olympic Canines.
Sketchbook Magazine is an "Online Guide To Design and Illustration.
Much appreciated for a mention with them : )

Always nice to get mentions, and even nicer when it's from such good places too.

Have a grand Monday.

x x x


  1. Here's to being busy!

    Also, such wonderful mentions... congrats!

    I'm loving these champion dog portriats. What sports did they medal in? ;)

    My little Patrick would probably play tennis because he is obsessed with tennis balls. Ha ha! :)

  2. Hello Erica,

    They won their medals in weightlifting and 100 sprint :)
    You can probably guess who's the weightlifter!

    I'm sure Patrick would win gold too x x x