Tuesday, 7 August 2012

You can't beat a good sausage, dog.

On the subject of food, the other half recently interviewed Raymond Blanc.
Visiting Le Manoir, and getting a tour around his garden, must have been something else.
The grounds and restaurant look fantastic. I'd better save some major pennies to go there.
But well worth a treat.

The video that was produced by my partner and his team really shows Raymond Blanc's passion and enthusiasm for his craft and teachinng others.
A real inspiration.

A very tenuous link, but here's a sausage, well a dachshund wearing a lacy collar : )


  1. Lovely work Jo! Beautiful use of colour, line and composition. Love the dramatic collars and I particularly like the staffordshire porcelain dogs in your header. Do you have a shop? x

  2. Hi Anna Maria
    Thanks for the lovely words. Yes I do have an Etsy shop, it's www.etsy.com/shop/StudioLegohead.
    My website is www.studio-legohead.com and I'm also on Facebook and Twitter.
    Thanks for popping by.
    Have a great Friday x

  3. i want to live in your beautiful illustrated world jo!
    =W= a wonderful world of cute sometimes dressed up puppies and kittens, lovely patterns and blossoms~<3

    1. You always make my work sound very dreamy Sunny! I like it : ) x x