Sunday, 25 August 2013

Rather Regal Canines

Been a little obsessed with drawing greyhounds the past few days.
Looking at Art Deco ornaments and kitsch items in general.
These two lovelies are the result x x x


  1. I love the things you make! It makes me smile, makes me happy. I paint myself as well. Your blog, I found it a while ago, is an inspiration. Not that I make the same things. What I make is completely different.
    But still it is an inspiration, the colours, the lines, the fun you must have by making it.

    Greetings from Geri

    1. Thank you Geri for your lovely comments. So delighted you found me. I have looked at a few of your blogs before, I'm sure. I think you have quite a few? : )
      Have a fabulous week. Jo x