Monday, 23 January 2012

Mascot Studio's 13th Annual Dog Show!

So it looks like I will have some work showing at Mascot Studio's 13th Annual Dog Show.
How lovely.
Anne Watkins, another artist featured in Martha Stewarts Holiday Gift Guide gave me the heads up to contact Peter the owner of Mascot Studios and after a few e-mails it looks like I will be part of the show!
Very excited, just wish I could head back to New York, I love New York.
Maybe later in the year.

It looks like there may be a few embroidery's being shown.
Possibilities below : )
Thanks Martha, thanks Anne, thanks Peter.
x x


  1. Fabulous!! These will be stars of the show!

    1. Thanks Anne, but I'm pretty sure there will be lots lovely things, yours for example! x x

  2. hi Jo, i LOVE these embroideries! so fun to see your puppy "drawn" with a completely different medium! very refreshing!<3